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How to place information on the site?

If you want to place information about your property which you want to rent or sell or your services (in Ban Krut), please contact us. Thank you.

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The Weather in Ban Krut
  • Temperature in Ban krut is in the range of +20 to +40 ℃ depending on the season.
  • All December and sometimes a part of January from the sea blows a strong and warm wind.
  • Especially hot months are February, March, April, May.
  • Rains are more frequent in September, October, November.

The current weather conditions in Ban krut and the forecast you can see on the site Enter ”Ban krut” to the search field.

Attractions of Ban Krut

There are several interesting places in Ban Krut and surrounding area, which we recommend you to visit. Information about it you can find on the site

What mobile connection in Thailand is the best?

After arriving to Thailand buy local SIM-card and ask a seller to insert and activate it. In the Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) shops selling SIM-cards are near the exit. Put some money on the account. Attention! You can buy SIM-card if you show your passport only.

If you want to have connection with Internet anywhere фтв constantly ask seller talk about internet packages he has. At once pay for the internet package and ask the seller to activate it. At once check your mobile and internet connection. If you have any questions ask seller (at the airport they speak English usually).

You can do it yourself through your account in your mobile network site.

There are two main telecom operators in Thailand:

Both operators cover the entire area of Thailand. Coverage area and communication quality are about tequal but sometimes I think that the DTAC is better.

How to book a house (hotel, condo)?

Write or call an agent who represents an owner. If an agent is not specified an owner can answer your questions independently. Please prepare your questions in advance in English.

If you have any questions regarding the Mangorest site, please contact us. Our contact information is at the page Contact.

How to get to Ban Krut?

If you do not rent a car you can get to Ban Krut by taxi, by train or by bus .

Taxi from the Suvarnabhumi airport to Ban Krut cost about 3500-4000 Baht and spent about 6 hour. Taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok train station cost about 500 baht and spent about 1 hour (depending of traffic). Timetable of trains you can find on the official website of State Railway of Thailand. Travel time is about 6 hours.

If there is no train from Bangkok, stopping at Ban Krut, you can also choose the train, which stops at Bang Saphan Yai. Bang Saphan Yai is the next train stop, approximately 15 minutes away after Ban Krut (by train). From Bang Saphan Yai you can get to Ban Krut by taxi, spending is about 500 baht.

Sometimes it is better to go from Bangkok to Hua Hin by bus and then to go from Hua hin to Ban Krut by train. Timetable of bus from Suvarnabhumi airport you can find on the website. Travel time from Bangkok to Hua Hin is about 3-4 hours.